Some (badly needed) truth from Venezuela

From Kevin Zeese:

The Grayzone Project is doing excellent work in Venezuela. So many good reports. Check @GrayzoneProject, @Max Blumenthal@Anya Parampil@Norton, Ben

Here is a fun one that shows how horrible socialism is in Venezuela — looks like a good time even in the middle of a coup and US economic war.  (A highlight — Blumenthal responds to a viewer — no shortages in the supermarket, yes, he was able to buy toilet paper with chamomile and aloe.

And, here is an excellent interview by Anya Parampil of the Foreign Minister of Venezuela,
I did a brief appearance on RT today, trying to set the record straight,
The coup is failing. February 23rd could be a climactic day — national, actually international protests against the coup, see, and Guaido has promised US humanitarian aid will get through. If it doesn’t, where does the coup go from there? Does the US really want a war? Russia has already said they are on Venezuela’s side. The US lost to Russia in Syria, does it also want to lose in Venezuela?
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