“Our free press” keeps blacking out the Matamoros auto strike, despite its global implications—or because of them.

The strike in Matamoros takes place as 15,000 US and Canadian autoworkers are outraged by a decision by General Motors (GM) to close down five plants, and ultimately intimidate 140,000 US autoworkers to accept concessions during their contract negotiations this year. Last week, about 13,000 Hungarian Audi workers went on strike, and workers in the Taubaté plant in Brazil voted to shut down production in opposition to job cuts. In Argentina, workers occupied a steel plant that is used for the auto and other industries in Mexico.”From Joe Surkiewicz:


Here’s the latest WSWS article on Matamoros. The factory owners are threatening to close the plants and leave Mexico:  


Matamoros, Mexico maquiladora workers threatened with mass plant closures

By Alex González 
31 January 2019

And a brief Reuters business report:



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