Marine vet films a traffic stop from his front porch in Vallejo; cop gives him a concussion for it

Marine Vet Films Traffic Stop From His Porch; California Cop Gives Him a Concussion 

Adrian Burrell was well within his rights to record the officer.

Joe Setyon|Feb. 1, 2019 11:55 am

A California cop gave a Marine veteran a concussion for nothing more than filming a traffic stop.

On January 22, Adrian Burrell was at his home in Vallejo, California, when he saw his cousin outside with his hands in the air. The cousin, Michael Walton, was standing next to his motorcycle with his back to a police officer. “He can’t hear you. He has his helmet on,” Burrell told the officer, according to the account he later gave to KGO. At that point, he says, the cop told him to go back in his house.

Instead, Burrell, who is a filmmaker, opted to record the incident. Even if he hadn’t been standing on his own private property, this would be within his rights. In California, citizens can film on-duty police officers as long as they aren’t interfering in their work. In this case, Burrell tells The San Francisco Chronicle, he was on his porch—more than 20 feet away from what was going on.

Video taken by Burrell and posted to Facebook yesterday shows what happened next:

Click on the link for the video, etc.

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