Baker blames “faulty” smart meter for huge blaze

So what role did smart meters play in those horrendous California wildfires? Maybe the culprit there was not just global warming...


15th February

Baker blames ‘faulty’ smart meter for huge blaze

By Peter Magill  @peter_magillSpecial Correspondent

A DOG bakery was destroyed in a massive blaze allegedly sparked by a poorly-fitted smart meter, it has been claimed.

Diane Murphy, 44, of Great Harwood-based Millie and Ruby’s, insists an engineer for E.ON failed to install the meter correctly – causing it to ‘overheat and burst into flames’.

She commissioned a forensic investigator who says two screws connecting wires to the unit had not been tightened fully – causing it to arc.The baker is now considering suing the energy giant after losing £70,000 in lost trade and cancelled contracts. 
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