An irrefutable case on the UNsafety of vaccines—featuring a former head of the NIH (MUST-WATCH if you haven’t yet)

Here is a different link to Del Bigtree’s staggering talk about vaccine unsafety, as this one will take you to a better version (i.e., one without the interference of that well-meaning woman who keeps popping in to comment).

Commentary by John Kirby:

There are still no large scale studies comparing vaccinated to unvaccinated children. They simply haven’t done them.
But the small independent ones reveal incredibly higher rates of allergies, auto-immune disorders, inflammatory diseases… 

In this video you will see the former head of the NIH herself say that vaccine safety is highly questionable and that there is nothing that rules out a connection between vaccines and the now ONE-IN-THIRTY-SIX RATE OF AUTISM NATIONWIDE.  THIS IS A NEW PHENOMENON.  Before you decide you know anything about this subject, before you give your kid another of the 72 injections they are slated to have before they are 18,  or yourself submit to the growing mania for adult vaccination, you must watch the government’s own facts as presented in this video. CDC IS RUN BY FORMER PHARMACEUTICAL EXECUTIVES, FOR CHRISSAKES.  WAKE UP!  

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