What Canada’s been doing in Venezuela

From Prof. Adnan Zuberi in Toronto:

Paul Jay, a former CBC worker (the crown media in Canada supported by our government), reports what happened when he visited the Canadian embassy in Caracas back in 2004. [His whole interview is well worth watching—MCM]

“I was a well known documentary filmmaker [producer of CBC Newsworld] and so I was a known quantity in Canada and so when I was in Venezuela, I said I’ll go say hello to the Canadian embassy. I was trying to figure out what was going on in Venezuela. I figured some Counselor would pat me on the head and say welcome to Venezuela. No, I got the number two charged d’affaires that greeted me and brings me into a meeting room with seven members of the opposition who then for two hours beat me over the head with how corrupt the regime was, how awful it was, and so on…

“What business does a Canadian embassy have with bringing a Canadian journalist into a room with opposition people, essentially trying to involve me in a conspiracy against the Venezuelan government? So this Canadian government role in Venezuela has been very, very active in trying to destabilize the situation, promote and nurture the opposition.”

Click on the link for the rest (on Canada's motives): 

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