Those screaming that “white males” are highly dangerous say not a word about the US war machine

“Somehow we have to stop demonizing people and realize the biggest terror threat in this country is white men”—CNN’s Don Lemon.

I’ve never sent out any piece referring its readers to some findings by Rush Limbaugh, as Walter Williams does in this one; but the quotes that Limbaugh catalogued are, sadly, quite authentic—and it’s sad too that Rush Limbaugh is the messenger, he being just as comfy with white racism as he’s (seemingly) offended by the universal liberal animus against “white males.”

Moving past Limbaugh per se (and with all due speed), let’s note, first, that “white males”—or “old white males”—are not the problem, any more than, say, “black males,” or “women,” or “white women, ” or “poor women” are the problem, or “gay people,” “Jews,” “immigrants” or “Russians” are the problem—or, as the Nazis would have put it, “our misfortune.”

And let’s note also that the same good liberals who bash “white males” in exactly the same way that Trump bashes Mexicans appear to have no problem whatsoever with a US foreign policy that routinely kills, maims and/or displaces dark-skinned people in huge numbers, whether in (say) Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Gaza, or (what used to be) Libya, or Honduras, Nicaragua or Venezuela. Somehow those US wars, and other genocidal strokes of policy, are perfectly okay, despite the color of their victims, and even though some very powerful “white males” have promoted them (along with those “white females,” “black males” and “black females” who also function in the US foreign policy elite).


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