The APA that okayed torture by the USA now warning against “toxic masculinity”

On the APA's complicity with military torture:

Was it "toxic masculinity" that drove the torture programs of the CIA and US military? If so, was (say) Gina Haspel, asoverseer of that CIA "black site" in Iraq, acting as a toxically-masculine man? Or are such female torturers impelled by "toxic femininity"? Or is the whole premise here ridiculous (at best)?

Warning! Masculinity Is Hazardous to Men’s Health, Says American Psychological Association


Warning! Masculinity Is Hazardous to Men’s Health, Says American Psychological Association

Remember those age-old male traits from a more chivalric, less neurotic epoch, like ruggedness, stoicism, individualism and masculinity? Well, you can chuck them into the dumpster outside your local gender studies classroom because they have just been branded harmful to your health.

Although ‘masculinity’ once upon a time helped ‘privileged males’ tame the American wilderness, build cities and exhibit courage in battle – among other dirty tasks that required no small amount of brute strength and even aggressiveness – the medical community would now have us believe there is something inherently wrong with masculinity.

In the American Psychological Association’s ‘Guidelines for Psychological Practice with Boys and Men’, traditional notions of masculinity are described as undesirable for a host of reasons, but perhaps most disturbingly because “boys and men who identify as gay, bisexual or transgender still face higher-than-­average levels of hostility and pressure to conform to masculine norms.” In other words, the so-called ‘toxic masculinity’ that has helped men and civilization progress over the centuries has been written off as “harmful” because some males – either by choice or otherwise – feel threatened by it.

Pseudo-science pounces right out of the gates of the study as we are introduced to yet another parallel reality known as the “masculinities.” No longer does the singular adjective ‘masculine’ suffice these days of multiple genders and diverse lifestyles because apparently that would offend a minority subculture of those males whose notions of masculinity do not flush with those of the majority.

In the opening paragraph we are informed that “It is common to use the term ‘masculinities’ rather than ‘masculinity’ to acknowledge the various conceptions of masculine gender roles associated with an intersection of multiple identities.” The medical community’s habit of tossing about scientifically unproven claims of “multiple identities” brings to mind Ken Kesey’s ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest’ where the medical staff, the ones with the real issues, pushes pure quackery on a trapped patient population.

The guideline continues with something of a caveat: “When trying to understand the complex role of masculinity in the lives of diverse boys and men, it is critical to acknowledge that gender is a non-binary construct [in other words, comprised of more than just males and females] that is distinct from, although interrelated to, sexual orientation.” 

Here, the authors insist (“critical to acknowledge”) that society as a whole must cater to the whims of that tiny segment of the population that believes it may not only choose the gender they identify with as if they were shopping in a Fifth Avenue boutique, but that the rest of society must use the ‘correct pronouns’ when addressing them. Yet, the overwhelming majority of males who are comfortable with their biologically assigned sex and gender, as well as their masculinity, are now being told something is inherently wrong with them. This is openly admitted.

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