More lies—and truth—about Big Pharma’s lethal vaccine program

First check out this blast of propaganda on the existential danger posed by “vaccine hesitancy”:

Anti-vaxxers are top ‘threats to global health’: World Health Organization

Then read this scientifically informed corrective to such jive by Jeremy R. Hammond (whose newsletter I strongly recommend):

In a pair of emails earlier this week, I shared bullet-point summaries of the first two installments of my ongoing influenza vaccine exposé. Here for your convenience is the same for the latest installment, part three: “How You’re Being Lied to about the Risks of Getting a Flu Vaccine Annually”:
As another illustration of how the mainstream media systematically misinform the public about what science says about vaccines, the Washington Post manufactures parental consent for public vaccine policy by blatantly lying that no vaccine has been added to the CDC’s routine childhood schedule until it has been studied for safety when given with every other vaccine on the schedule. Despite having been shown that this claim is false, they refuse to issue a correction.

The government and media also lie about the risks from aluminum in vaccines, telling the public that it is harmless. Yet the study the CDC and FDA rely on to support this claim amounts to nothing less than scientific fraud because it: (1) used an already falsified “minimal risk level” that was several times too high; (2) assumed that the body burden of exposure from injection is the same as ingestion, even though the FDA knows perfectly well no more than about 1% is absorbed through the gut lining, whereas 100% is absorbed through injection; (3) only considered the amount of aluminum found in the blood as contributing to the body burden, even while acknowledging that it can be carried by immune cells into the brain, where it accumulates. (Note: the flu shot doesn’t contain aluminum, but this deception is relevant for the forthcoming discussion in part four of mercury, which is contained in some flu shots.)

Brain inflammation is a known cause of autism, and the whole purpose of including aluminum in vaccines is to provoke a more inflammatory response.

Influenza vaccines have been associated with serious adverse events including narcolepsy, febrile seizures, and Guillain­-Barré syndrome (GBS). The Cochrane Collaboration has remarked that studies finding a statistically significant association between the influenza vaccine and GBS “demonstrate the danger of commencing a large vaccination campaign without adequate harms assessment.”

Commencing a large vaccination campaign without adequate harms assessment is what public health officials and the industry do every year. This is because every year the vaccine is manufactured differently, and manufacturers have only about six months from the time health officials make a determination which strains of influenza virus should be included to produce and get the vaccine to market in time for “flu season”.

Just because the FDA approves a vaccine for the market doesn’t mean that it has actually been shown to be effective at preventing the target disease. This is because the FDA uses an antibody response as a surrogate marker for vaccine effectiveness. This is scientifically invalid because an antibody response is neither always sufficient nor even necessary for the development of immunity, but it allows the pharmaceutical industry to get their vaccines to market without having to prove that they actually work.

The CDC reassures us that after a flu vaccine in Europe was shown to cause narcolepsy, it looked at data from the Vaccine Safety Datalink (VSD) and Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) and determined that there was no heightened risk of narcolepsy from flu shots in the US. However, this is not very reassuring because the CDC tightly controls access to the VSD and severe underreporting is a known problem with VAERS.

VAERS was a product of a 1986 law, the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA), the purpose of which was to grant legal immunity to vaccine manufacturers since pharmaceutical companies were going out of business due to vaccine injury lawsuits, which threatened the supply chain and hence also public vaccine policy. The Supreme Court upheld this immunity in 2011, determining that the “unavoidability” of vaccine injuries establishes a complete defense against injury claims, assuming the vaccine was properly prepared and accompanied with adequate warnings (i.e., the vaccine package inserts).

Also established under the NCVIA is the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP), which effectively shifts the financial burden for vaccine injuries away from the pharmaceutical companies and onto the taxpaying consumers.

Numerous studies have found the diphtheria, tetanus, and whole cell pertussis (DTP) vaccine to be associated with an increased risk of death in childhood. This illustrates the importance of taking the opportunity costs of vaccination into consideration, which public health officials simply do not do.

The influenza vaccine presents another particularly useful illustration, as studies have shown that repeated annual vaccination can actually increase your risk of illness. This is because naturally acquired immunity is superior to that conferred by the vaccine and protects not only against the infecting strain of influenza, but other strains as well, and even against other viruses. While vaccines are designed to stimulate a strong antibody response, natural immunity confers the additional benefit of a robust cell-mediated immunity, thus offering greater protection in the long run.
Part 4 Fundraiser Update
Part four of my exposé will focus on the lie that the mercury used in vaccines is harmless and demonstrate how the CDC’s recommendation that pregnant women get a flu shot during any trimester is criminally irresponsible.

Nobody is paying me to do this work. This series has been made possible solely through financial contributions from my community of readers.

Much of part four is already done, but it will take me a considerable amount of time yet to complete, edit, and publish. As you can imagine, to produce this type of content requires intense focus. I need to be able to build and sustain my momentum. It’s not the kind of writing you can accomplish doing fifteen minutes here or thirty minutes there. To be able to schedule the solid chunks of time necessary and still provide for my family, I’ll need a minimum amount of $1,500 to offset my own opportunity cost.

As of this morning, 12 readers have donated a total of $270 since I started my fundraiser for part four, bringing me 18% of the way toward my goal.
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