Friends don’t let friends drive drunk—or drive at all—in Canada

Imagine if the cops themselves were drunk.


From Douglas Yates:

Police in Canada were recently empowered with new marching orders: Probable cause no longer applies to operators of motor vehicles. Experts say the new law is unconstitutional on several fronts. However, for the time being, police are enforced to stop and collect DNA of drivers and suspected drivers as they choose. Those who fail to comply will be arrested.

The new law is likely to impact Americans who drive the AlCan highway. As you are aware, many Alaskans drive in and out of Alaska annually, perhaps more often. In order to avoid arrest, those stopped will have provide DNA for roadside tests.

Alaskans and your wider audience will be served with a report of the change. Do targeted drivers have any options other than arrest? Is the DNA info saved to a database? How much does a blood test cost at a Canadian hospital? Your contacts in Dawson Creek, B.C., and other points along the way, may be eager to speak to a reporter about the new law.

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