Eli Broad “is one of several mega-billionaires” working to annihilate (public) education

From mid-December.


Billionaire Eli Broad Takes Public Education Private

Submitted by PRWatch Editors on December 18, 2018 – 1:57pm

Thousands march for public education in Los Angeles.

On Saturday, thousands of teachers, students, and other public school supporters marched in downtown Los Angeles to the Broad Museum to protest billionaires such as Eli Broad that fund the growth of charter schools, many of which are not unionized and divert students from district schools.

Eli Broad is one of the billionaire philanthropists taking over public education. He founded Fortune 500 companies in insurance and real estate — contributing to the build-out of suburbs of Detroit, Phoenix, and Los Angeles — but has no known expertise or experience in public education.

Broad and allied wealthy school privatization supporters were among the biggest contributors to the $41 million campaign war chest for California state superintendent candidate Marshall Tuck, who conceded to the teachers union-supported candidate, Assemblyman Tony Thurmond, on November 17. The same donors also spent more than $20 million to bolster the unsuccessful 2018 primary run of charter-supporting California gubernatorial candidate Antonio Villaraigosa, according to the Sacramento Bee.

Broad is one of several mega-billionaires — along with Bill Gates, the Koch brothers, and the Walton family — who have spent hundreds of millions on education think tank research and charter schools, shaping current trends in what they call education reform. They insist not only that public schools are failing but that spending public money on privately managed charter or vouchers schools is the path to redemption. They hit the jackpot when one of their own, Betsy Devos, graduated from billionaire philanthropist advocate to U.S. Secretary of Education in the Trump administration.

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