Assaulted at Whole Foods (twice!), and suing over it.

From my friend Tessa Lena:

Dear people,

I am going to be brief. There are several things that happened since my last email, but the most recent one is that I am suing Whole Foods for being assaulted by their security guard. What happened is outrageous. She actually attacked me not once but twice! When I was assaulted in 2017, I let it go. But when I was assaulted again, by the same security guard, at the same store… enough is enough. I don’t think we should allow brands to treat their customers like it’s a war zone, and we are their enemy. The story broke yesterday through New York Daily News (in print today), and I ask you that if you can, please retweet my note here and forward along. Thank you!! 

The tweet has a link to the New York Daily News article and the video inside it. Of course, the photo in the article was taken as I was braving a cold and squinting from the wind blowing in my face… but I will have to live with it.

Thank you for your love and support. 


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