William Blum, R.I.P.

This is the farewell.

Bill died on December 9th.

In his name I thank you all for your solidarity, for your generosity and your political work, and say: Don’t give up.

We will have a memorial service some time soon.

I’m sending you the text that Bill’s old-time friend and comrade Louis Wolf wrote, shortly after Bill’s death. Lou and Joe were by his side during those last weeks. What marvelous friends to have.

And I say good-bye now.

Adelheid Zöfel
After a 65-day fight to live after his devastating fall in his apartment on
October 4th, Bill died on Dec. 9, at approximately 2:20 a.m. He was transferred the night before from the Virginia Hospital Center to the Capitol Caring Hospice about one mile from the hospital.

His son Alex who flew here on Dec. 8 from Germany and I went there and met with the doctor.
The immediate cause of death was kidney failure – combined with the many wounds on his body.
We intend to contact the Washington Post tomorrow to arrange for them to write an obituary. We are also planning a Memorial Service – either in DC or New York or both.

An obituary and footage of Bill’s last public lecture can be found on the
CAQ website.
Lou Wolf

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