Whatever MAY have happened to Jamal Khashoggi, here’s what’s REALLY happening in Gaza.

While “our free press” continues to obsess on what the CIA says the Saudi government did to Jamal Khashoggi, it’s (still) reporting nothing on what Israel’s government is unquestionably doing, day after day, to the residents of Gaza. 

Scroll down to see an urgent item that Doctors Without Borders released four days ago, and which “our free press” continues to ignore. The ongoing slo-mo slaughter over there has left so many wounded that the medics on the ground are overwhelmed, and desperately in need of our assistance. 

Please help my friend Amal Arafa, a Palestinian nurse whose small group has been caring for the wounded there around the clock, since March: 

“We work according to the rules and regulations,” Amal writes, “but we cannot do it without donations, because there is no organization that supports us. We receive no salary, and want nothing but to help the wounded here.” 

Here are Amal’s latest photos, showing that her group is in the thick of it. Please donate anything you can, via https://fundrazr.com/91QjJ2?.



Gaza hospitals overwhelmed by wounded in Israeli violence: Report

Doctors without Borders says number of injuries ‘would overstretch the best healthcare systems in the world’.

29 Nov 2018

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