Polio is coming back (although they call it something else). And why is that? (And why is the whole question now taboo on “social media”?)

“However, and subsequently, many of my articles about vaccines and the ‘militaristic’ politics revolving around them, especially articles about 47,500 children in India who suffered ‘acute flaccid paralysis’ after the Bill Gates & Melinda Gates Foundation oral polio vaccine campaign, cannot be found using normal Internet search engines like Google.  Google previously listed my Activist Post archives around 90,000; now Google has them sanitized down to 30,300 as of the writing of this article!  What does that tell you?”

The Hidden History Of The Polio Vaccine And How It Impacts Today’s Acute Flaccid Myelitis: An Interview With Walter Kyle, Esq., Former Vaccine Court Claimants’ Attorney

NOVEMBER 25, 2018

By Catherine J. Frompovich

Back on Aug. 4, 2012, I published an interview with retired Vaccine Court “Claimant” Attorney Walter Kyle titled Exposing the FDA’s Vaccine Injury Cover-up: An Interview With Walter Kyle, Esq.,” then on Sept. 30, 2015, I wrote another article Attorney Walter Kyle’s Reaction to Suing the Feds and Big Pharma.”  Attorney Kyle also was active in the Congressional hearings on the Salk vaccine in the 1990s.  [Kyle, W.S. 1992. Simian retroviruses, polio vaccine, and origin of AIDS. The Lancet 339: 600-601.]

However, and subsequently, many of my articles about vaccines and the ‘militaristic’ politics revolving around them, especially articles about 47,500 children in India who suffered “acute flaccid paralysis” after the Bill Gates & Melinda Gates Foundation oral polio vaccine campaign, cannot be found using normal Internet search engines like Google.  Google previously listed my Activist Post archivesaround 90,000; now Google has them sanitized down to 30,300 as of the writing of this article!  What does that tell you?

Recently, there’s been an upsurge in a polio-like paralysis disabling children, which federal health officials have labeled “acute flaccid paralysis” or “acute flaccid myelitis,” as expressed in the American Academy of Pediatrics October 17, 2018 article “CDC seeks cause of acute flaccid myelitis as cases spike.”  As of October 2018, there were 62 confirmed cases of AFM in 22 U.S. states.  As of my writing this, there are 80 cases confirmed in 25 states.[1]

Here is the CDC’s graph showing the number of confirmed AFM cases by month from August 2014 to October 2018.

(Source: CDC)

Studying the above chart, data sets jump out!  The “spike” periods appear to occur during the months when children are preparing to return to school and are told they must comply with the CDC’s vaccine schedule in order to attend school in their respective states per state health department regulations, i.e., August through October in the years 2014, 2016 and 2018.

Attorney Kyle felt the need to divulge what he knows about polio and polio-like paralysis from his experiences as an attorney, who represented vaccine-injured claimants at the Vaccine Court in Washington, DC, so he asked if we could do another interview.  But of course! It’s my extreme pleasure.

My first question to Walter is to explain how medical science apparently works.

Does the renaming or reclassification of the current uptick in polio-like paralysis strike you as a medical-scientific tactic used by health officials to deflect from having to report a “vaccine-cured disease” resurfacing, e.g., infantile paralysis?  Such reclassifications are not uncommon in medical science in order to prove “cures,”—isn’t that so?

[WK]  Poliomyelitis and Acute Flaccid Myelitis are the same.  “Infantile Paralysis” was also poliomyelitis or polio for short.  AFM has developed from a minor variation in the Salk Type-1 (Mahoney) strain of vaccine virus that has been renamed as EV-D68 and appears following the switch to Medium 199 in Ipol, the Sanofi-Pasteur vaccine now used exclusively in the U.S.

Medium 199 (M-199) is a synthetic trypsin apparently used to provide enhanced potency IPV.  Trypsin traditionally was required in the final stage of polio vaccine production to enable polio virus infection of the monkey kidney cells.  Curiously it also happened to be the solution injected into the Placebo group during the Francis Field Trial.  The Placebo group acquired polio from the Salk vaccine being tested at twice the rate of the Recipients injected with Salk IPV and matched the reported incidences of polio victims who acquired polio from recipients of Salk vaccine in “The Cutter Incident.”

Trypsin is also used in proteomics to cleave protein sequences for proteomic analyses.

When placed in the final vaccine injection, it may break down cells and cleave sequences of the injected viruses simultaneously.  This would theoretically enhance potency but also provide an infectious path for variants of the injected viruses.

Paraphrasing Albert Sabin’s comment on Salk’s injected vaccine, you can’t get an antibody response without a live virus in the vaccine.  M-199 is designed to enhance that response; AFM is the result.

Keep in mind here that Salk and Sabin both were under the direct control of the military, which financed the development of the polio and measles vaccines through the infectious disease laboratory at Boston Children’s Hospital.

Nobel Laureates John Enders, Fredrick Robbins and Thomas Weller, who developed the trypsinization technique that made mass production of polio vaccine possible and gained them the 1954 Nobel Prize, were also under direct control of the military, which financed their projects.

According to CDC’s Alexander Langmuir, Salk believed you could actually inject live polio viruses into people and they would acquire polio only rarely if the injected live virus accessed a peripheral nerve but would never cause systemic infection that could spread to those in contact with the vaccine recipient.  (June 30, 1955 Assessment of Poliomyelitis Vaccine by Langmuir)

That was Langmuir’s assessment in June 1955 after the Cutter Incident that arose immediately after licensure of Salk IPV following the Francis Field Trial.  Soon after Cutter in the summer of 1955 a Parke-Davis Salk vaccine caused polio (aka Acute Flaccid Myelitis) in over 4000 in Massachusetts and several thousand in other states. Keep in mind that most cases arose in contacts of the vaccine recipients at double the rate of polio in the actual vaccine recipient.

Internal CDC records prove that Lilly made the Cutter Vaccine.  Lilly and Parke-Davis were the only manufacturers (the two actually only “inactivated” and mixed polio batches made in Canada) for the Francis Field Trial.

CDC never admitted to those epidemics, safety of the vaccine was concocted by Langmuir’s “epidemiological analyses” on behalf of his military overseer.  These outbreaks of AFM appear as another minor glitch in a fundamentally flawed immunization program in which the Francis Field Trial is considered the “Gold Standard.”

Back in 2011, the country of India had a similar occurrence when 47,500 children were stricken by a polio-like paralysis, which occurred during/after the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation polio vaccination campaign to India, a country where polio previously had been declared eradicated.  What are your comments about any similarities in India and what’s going on here in the U.S. now?

[WK]  Interestingly, Jeff Almond proved in 1988 that the Type-3 strain of the live polio vaccine reverted to wild polio potency within two days of administration.  These cases would be defined as caused by the vaccine under the Vaccine Injury Table.  Here is the link to the 12-page HHS/HRSA Vaccine Injury Table.

Thus one can conclude, based on the experience in India, that the term Acute Flaccid Myelitis (AFM) is a deceptive moniker for the traditional diagnosis of Vaccine Acquired Paralytic Poliomyelitis (VAPP).

In all the years I’ve been researching vaccine data, I often have read of the sordid experiments Salk and others performed on orphaned and disabled children housed in the orphanage facility in Hamburg, Pennsylvania, in the 1940s and ‘50s.  That’s the experimental lab venue where those early polio vaccine researchers performed “carte blanche” polio and other vaccines experiments and trials on innocent children.  Any comments from your perspective about that, Walter?

[WK]  Salk performed such human experimentation under orders from military. Ypsilanti Hospital paled in comparison to the Tuskegee Syphilis Study, the Guatemalan Experiments (which continue to this day), and the Francis Field Trial that justified the use of Salk vaccine.

All were under control of the military with funding from the Rockefeller Foundation.  In the Francis Field Trial, Salk defined every case of polio in recipients of the experimental vaccine as caused by wild polio, not from his injection of live polio viruses into them. CDC now touts the Francis Field Trial as the Gold Standard of vaccine field trials.

The Francis Field Trial was the greatest medical fraud in history, I’d say.

The continued use of that bogus modeling can only continue as long as the FDA is allowed to prohibit the use of technology that can diagnose vaccine reactions.  An advanced microbial detection array technology with the capability of predicting vaccine reactions has been available to diagnose and even predict vaccine reactions following immunizations for about the last ten years.  

[Readers, the reference is to the interview discussing the LLMDA – Lawrence Livermore Microbial Detection Array in the Aug. 4, 2012 Interview link above, per Attorney Kyle.]

What do you know about a process of cell dissociation using trypsin, a proteolytic enzyme that breaks down proteins?  

[WK] Trypsin was the chemical that garnered the Nobel Prize for Enders, Robbins and Weller in 1954.  Without trypsin wild polio could only infect neural cells (hence Salk’s assumption that injection of live polio viruses could only rarely cause polio if it accessed peripheral nerve cells and worked its way back into the spinal cord).   Enders used trypsin to enable polio viruses to infect foreskin tissue from Boston Children’s Hospital.  Trypsin changed the nature of the cell’s resistance to infection as well as the nature of the virus.

Trypsin is used to “activate” viruses and enable infection of cells and is widely used in the field of proteomics to cleave protein sequences for Mass Spectrometry analyses.

Salk was wrong and lied about it when testifying before Kennedy at a hearing that preceded the construction of the Vaccine Injury Table, “No cases of polio in 450 million doses of IPV.”  Kennedy had to know Salk was lying after the Boston epidemic in 1955 and the Massachusetts Medical Society withdrew their recommendation of immunization with Salk vaccine.

Wasn’t that process used in the Rockefeller Foundation Type1 polio virus Salk vaccine that required trypsinization?

[WK] Trypsin is a pancreatic extract from pigs or cows that is used in digestion.  In polio vaccine production it was used historically in three stages..

For classical polio vaccine production using individual monkeys, trypsin is used in three distinct stages:

First Stage a live monkey would be infused with trypsin to dissolve the binding materials inside its kidneys and allow the cells to flow out into a flask.

Second Stage when the cells were grown out in Modified Eagle medium, trypsin was used to dissolve any binding materials and allow the cells to grow in a smooth monolayer.

Third Stage in the final stage, after a monolayer of cells are grown out, trypsin is added to allow the polio viruses to infect the cells by modification of the cell membrane and potentially the vaccine strain virus also.

75-85% of the porcine trypsin used in vaccine production in the EU and US is contaminated with circoviruses that replicate in a way reminiscent of auto-immune disease outbreaks.  Trypsin also allows any other monkey viruses present in the kidney cells to access them like polio viruses, SV-40, for example in Salk IPV of the 1950s.  Simian Immunodeficiency Viruses, Epstein Barr Virus, Cytomegaloviruses and Simian Agent 8 (HSV-1 & 2, genital herpes) were just a few of the 20+ other viruses carried by the monkeys used in Sabin vaccine production that used all three stages of trypsin.

Julius Youngner, Salk’s assistant, discovered trypsin allowed polio to infect monkey kidney cells, a plentiful source for massive vaccine production.

Salk made the assumption, based on this history, that injections containing live polio viruses would not cause systemic infections (flu, fevers, excretion in the stool), and rarely cause paralysis if the injected virus accessed a nerve cell and moved backwards into the spinal cord (retrograde atonal transport).

But trypsin changed the nature of injected viruses, and according to Langmuir, caused multiple systemic infections per his June 30, 1955 Memo entitled “Poliomyelitis Vaccine Assessment.”  That appears poignant to today’s AFM outbreak where synthetic trypsin (Medium 199) is injected with the vaccine viruses.

Did trypsinization cause retrograde axonal transport that leads to injection limb paralysis, which was similar to the Salk outbreaks in California and Boston?  What can you tell us about any victims of those outbreaks?

Historically, Salk expected retrograde atonal transport would result if a live injected virus accessed a nerve and made its way back to the spinal cord, which would result in injection limb or opposite injected limb paralysis as the first sign of poliomyelitis.  Note that paralytic polio caused by wild virus was systemic and classically began in one of the lower legs, then the other and moved up the body, thus it was diagnosed as asymmetric, ascending flaccid paralysis.

It is important to emphasize that most of the victims were family members, or classmates, of the recipient of the vaccine who might never be paralyzed but the recipient’s systemic infections could paralyze people in close personal contact with them.  The Vaccine Injury Table recognizes the phenomenon.

Most of the victims of the polio virus in Salk Vaccine (which was also contaminated with SV-40) were contacts of the recipient.  These victims’ paralysis arose from the systemic infection of the recipient – not retrograde axonal transport that involved either the injection itself or spread from the recipients to simultaneously M-199 injected Placebos in the Francis Field Trial.

Fathers acquired polio from Salk vaccine in the Boston epidemic at a higher rate than Mothers of injected children – a unique anomaly that is consistent with the first case of AFM in the 29-year-old father of an immunized child.

BOSTON – Summer of 1955 – after “The Cutter Incident.”

The Parke Davis (Lot 1018) rework in Boston and Wisconsin involved over 7000 cases of poliomyelitis. Over 400,000 cases may have occurred in Massachusetts alone, including the non-paralytic events.   All BOSTON Hospitals shut down non-emergency services to care for victims of the Salk vaccine.

The Massachusetts Medical Society dropped recommendation of Salk vaccine, but Joe Smadel, of Walter Reed Army Institute of Medical Research, and Alexander Langmuir, of CDC, touted to the media the vaccine was safe.

The epidemic in Boston arose from reworked, multiple formalin-treated vaccines that caused injection limb paralysis and systemic infections as late as 90 days after injection (the Francis Field Trial only considered cases in Recipients up to 14 days after injection and disregarded them all as caused by wild polio viruses – after all the Placebos acquired polio at twice the rate of Recipients).  In Boston Langmuir “epidemiologically eliminated” all cases of polio not arising within 30 days – a false premise that sold the vaccine to the press.

[CJF note: Formalin is a colorless solution of formaldehyde in water, used chiefly as a preservative for biological specimens. (Online Dictionary)]

Subsequent studies showed the formalin plasticized proteins around the live viruses, which resulted in “time released polio.”

CALIFORNIA – THE CUTTER INCIDENT – was actually made vaccine.

The California outbreak occurred the week after licensure and is referred to as The Cutter Incident where it was first recognized that the vaccine caused twice as many cases of polio in personal contacts of the recipients than it did in the recipients of the vaccine.  Family members could be paralyzed by a child recipient who remained healthy.

The Cutter Incident has the same rate of reaction as seen in the Francis Field Trial of the Salk vaccine; twice as many personal classroom contacts came down with polio as compared to direct recipients.

Since Salk counted all cases of polio in recipients as caused by wild polio and twice as many classmates came down with polio, he considered the vaccine “effective.” Salk vaccine was never tested for safety in that Field Trial.

Lilly and Parke Davis were the two manufacturers that inactivated polio vaccine for the Francis Field Trial.

It is well known, but not published, that the vaccine in the Cutter Incident was actually produced by Lilly. Cutter was a scapegoat.  The reaction rates in Cutter Incident and Francis Field Trial were nearly identical.

Did I mention that Francis was also under military control and actually formulated the Type1 Mahoney strain in 1941 while working for the Rockefeller Foundation?

The vaccine medical literature lists a vaccine incident the CDC blames on Cutter Labs? What can you tell us about that, please?

[WK] That was Lilly vaccine distributed by Cutter, a small firm in California.  Cutter was a scapegoat and the reaction rate in Cutter matched the reactions seen in the Francis Field Trial.  Lilly also made vaccine for that Francis Field Trial.

Most of the 78 cases of polio caused in Cutter IPV recipients arose within 14 days followed by 200+ contact polio cases within 14 days of the recipient’s reactions, essentially the same rate of polio as in the Francis Field Trials.

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