New book on JFK’s Bethesda autopsy, by one who was there

From Beverly Bandler:

Mark, there is a new book out, by James Curtis Jenkins and William Matson Law—At The Cold Shoulder of History: The Chilling Story of a 21-year old Navy Hospital Corpsman Who Stood at the Shoulder of JFK during the Bethesda Autopsy. Trine Day (October 12, 2018). At the Cold Shoulder of History gives an in-depth look at what happened in the aftermath of President John F. Kennedy’s assassination. One of the only living participants in President Kennedy’s autopsy now comes forward after almost 54 years of silence and speaks about what truly took place inside of the morgue at Bethesda Naval Hospital on the night of November 22, 1963. Jenkins gives a detailed account about the procedures performed on the President’s remains. What he learned that night led him to believe there was a conspiracy in the murder of the 35th President of the United States and caused him to undertake his own personal journey into the labyrinth of the assassination. Why was Gen. Curtis LeMay in the JFK autopsy roomwhere he had no business being?
I am no expert on the JFK assassination, but I have done a fair amount of reading. The “law of probabilities” was violated just too many times. The whole issue smells of conspiracy, in my view. 

Remembering JFK in 2018

The assassination of President John F. Kennedy is being allowed to go quietly into history. We must not let that happen, not yet, not ever.” – Gaeton Fonzi.                                                   

Gaeton Fonzi: “We can’t forget John F. Kennedy’s assassination. If we do, our vision of what our democratic system is all about, already waning, will dim dangerously.”

Gaeton Fonzi  (1935-2012) was an investigative journalist and author who focused on the assassination of John F. Kennedy. He worked as a reporter and editor for Philadelphia magazine from 1959 to 1972 and contributed to a range of other publications. He was hired as a researcher in 1975 by the Church Committee and by the House of Representatives Select Committee on Assassinations in 1977. He published his findings as a congressional researcher in The Last Investigation.

Salon published November 23, 2018 an excerpt from Fonzi’s book, The Last Investigation(2013).   Readers are encouraged to read the excerpt, his book, and the work of several indefatigable people committed to finding the truth about the Kennedy national tragedy. There are excellent websites and many fine writers on the subject of John F. Kennedy’s presidency and assassination. Fonzi’s book should be singled out along with several others. Please refer to the lengthy bibliography in my post: “JFK’s Assassination” (2013-11-16) attached. If you have only time to read one book on JFK, may I suggest: James Douglass’s well researched JFK and the Unspeakable: Why He Died and Why It Matters. Touchstone; First Touchstone Edition edition (October 19, 2010).  

There are those who want us to forget the assassination, and have good reason to do so. Not only is there a dark truth of the assassination hidden, but the connection between JFK’s assassination and to where we are as a nation today has been hidden. We must not forget. A president of the United States was assassinated more than five decades ago, and as Fonzi wrote: “our Government still tells us it doesn’t know what really happened. There is no doubt now that the murder was a conspiracy, it says, but it isn’t sure of anything beyond that.” Think about that. It was a conspiracy, but… There is something very wrong and very chilling about that conclusion. 

We are all overwhelmed by the daily chaos, confusion, uncertainty, incompetence, corruption, greed, irrationality in our American Nightmare brought to us by Donald Trump, today’s version of the Republican Party, and a weakened Democratic Party (although one that gave “the wolves of oligarchy” a surprise on November 6, 2018), and the corporate hostile takeover of our country. We are awash in neo-conservatism, neo-liberalism, neo-fascism, and authoritarianism with a heavy dose of Christian right extremism.  We are living in a “time of monsters,” Antonio Gramsci would remind us. While we do have leadership to help guide us through this period, unfortunately it is in shorter supply than desirable and it is stressed. Ordinary citizens will have to commit themselves to civic duties.

Many of us believe the nightmare in which we are living was not accidential—that it was planned, and suggest that a connection to the murder of John F. Kennedy in 1963 should be considered.  – Beverly Bandler

“JFK’s Assassination” by Beverly Bandler, November 16, 2013. (22 pgs)
Contents:  Intro. The Motorcade Account. The Warren Commission. The Warren Commission Report. The 1976 House Select Committee on Assassinations.  The  Kennedy Assassination Records Review Board.  The Zapruder Film. The Context: The Cold War and Domestic Division. The CIA. Some CIA History.  Guatemala PBSuccess Operation.  Operation Mongoose.  Operation Northwoods.  Phoenix Program.  CIA Tie to Drug Traffickers.  Operation Mockingbird. Websites.  Bibliography.

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