Mort Sahl now too dangerous for YouTube??

The email in question went out on 6/5/16:

“The truth won’t go away”: DAZZLING interview with Mort Sahl, re: JFK’s murder and much else

Things start heating up at 20:00:

From Terry Clark:

I like listening to audio going to/from “the day job” and while running errands.  Searching my emails for Mort Sahl, I came upon your email from 2016.  Clicking on the Link, YouTube states “Video Unavailable.”  Interesting, I don’t recall ever seeing that message before.  Tried searching YouTube for the interview elsewhere, no luck.

YouTube censorship, copyright, or someone just pulling a video?  Besides the ominous error message, the other item of interest is that there’s no hint whose YouTube Channel it was on.  In past cases, when a video’s been pulled for copyright or other reasons, at least it says whose channel it was on.  But not this time.

As Rod Serling would say, “Submitted for your consideration”…

Keep up the great work even if it is sometimes “disappeared.”


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