Help to free Cyntoia Brown!

Tell Governor Haslam: Free Cyntoia Brown Now!

Click on the link to send an email to state officials:

Cyntoia Brown was just 16 when she was sex-trafficked by a pimp called “Kut-throat.”  Just days after being repeatedly drugged and raped by different men, a 43-year-old man purchased her for sex and took her to his home.  When she feared for her life, she acted in self-defense and killed him. 

Cyntoia survived violence and found the courage to save her own life, but the state of Tennessee put her under trial as an adult for first degree murder.  This week, the Tennessee Supreme Court ruled that Cyntoia will have to serve 51 years before she is eligible for release.  We can’t let this injustice stand!

Tell Governor Haslam to #FreeCyntoiaBrown and grant her clemency today!

As of right now, Cyntoia has already served 14 years in prison. Cyntoia is living proof of the harm our “justice” system does to girls and women of color. While so many white men are given a slap on the wrist for violence against women, Cyntoia was incarcerated and given another staggeringly harsh sentence.

Governor Haslam has a chance to end this outrage and grant Cyntoia clemency.  But, he has just six weeks left to do the right thing and he needs to hear from you today!

We can’t erase the trauma that Cyntoia endured or give her back the fourteen years she’s been imprisoned, but we can fight to set her free.

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