As a criminal, George “Poppy” Bush makes Donald Trump look like a petty thief

Here’s a useful antidote to the emetic propaganda in today’s NYTimes re: George H.W. Bush’s move into the Great Beyond (where he and Allen Dulles, among other towering criminals, may fan each other until Judgement Day): 

For more of the appalling truth on “Poppy” Bush, and his near-dynasty, I recommend Russ Baker’s Family of Secrets (Bloomsbury Press, 2008). There’s also this piece—on Ronald Reagan’s near-assassination, and Bush’s likely role in it—which Baker wrote in 2016, shortly after the “long gunman,” John Hinckley, Jr., was very quietly released from custody: 
(Baker had decided not to include that shocking story in his already-shocking book.) 

And, on Bush’s role in the “October Surprise” conspiracy in particular, I recommend the lateBob Parry’s Trick or Treason, and all his other writings on the subject, beyond those linked below.


War is peace. Black is white.. Bush was “nice.”

Thanks to Rob Williams for that line.


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