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The Corporate Oligarchy Sustains Itself By Making Ignorance Equal Strength

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Rainer SheaDec 20

With the rise of industrialism and the creation of modern technology, governments have gained the ability to impose virtually all-encompassing control over their populations. This has been shown in Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia, North Korea, and the other regimes that have used their modern surveillance and military powers to tightly police millions of people. But open repression from the state makes people hate their rulers. So throughout most Western nations, and in countries like Israel and Japan, despots have balanced their violent enforcement tactics with an effort to make people believe they live in a free society.

In addition to how these countries—Israel especially—are enamored with authoritarian policies and the persecution of disfavored ethnic groups, most of them are characterized by historic economic inequality. Neoliberalism, the extreme doctrine of capitalism that calls for the destruction of the public sphere and the reduction of human beings to their value in the marketplace, has become dominant in much of the industrialized world during the last half century. And after several decades of industry monopolization, the privatization of essential services, shrinking social safety nets, loss of workers’ rights, and systematically engineered mass personal debt, neoliberalism has redistributed much of the world’s wealth upward. This year, Oxfam reportedthat the world’s richest 1 percent have gained 82 percent of recently produced wealth, while the bottom 50 percent of humanity have gained nothing.

Like many hierarchical societies, this one is divided between the ruling elites, between a relatively privileged middle-class, and between a vast majority of people who are too poor to engage with politics. With the system ultimately being designed to serve the 2000 or so billionaires in the world, and with the global top 1 percent consisting of over seventy million people, politics and world affairs are mainly thought about by a select amount of economically secure people. And their views of these issues are shaped by the ruling elites.

All of these details are important towards understanding the propaganda of the corporate oligarchy. To maintain control, the plutocrats who run the U.S./NATO empire need to convince the citizens of countries like America, Britain, and Israel that their governments are democratic and well-intentioned. And to create this illusion of freedom, they need to broadcast messages to media consumers that portray a sanitized picture of the society they inhabit.

This inversion of the West’s political and social realities is the most striking in the United States. With a domination of corporate money in electoral politics, an enormous military budget that’s used to enrich defense contractors, an unparalleled. prison population of 2.2 million, and an all-encompassing mass surveillance system, America qualifies as the most corrupt country in the world. It’s effectively a police state, with 233 officers for every 100,000 people and a police force that’s largely impune and highly militarized. It’s also the most economically unequal country in the world, with most of its population now lacking more than $1000 in savings while its top 0.1 percent have as much wealth as the bottom 90 percent. Yet to those who subscribe to the worldview that the ruling class has constructed, America is completely democratic, always acts morally abroad, and has a fair and prosperous economy.

While Democrats and Republicans constantly attack each other over social issues, these beliefs in American exceptionalism and the flawlessness of America’s capitalist “democracy” are never questioned in mainstream politics. This comfortable view of the country has always been central to America’s white supremacy and imperialism. But as America and its allies have been taken over by mass surveillance, high-tech police intimidation networks, and the other aspects of modern state oppression, the ruling class’ propaganda system has had to become more sophisticated in order to maintain the facade of liberal democracy.

The indoctrination program is vast, and it’s controlled from the top-down by a circle of corporate and intelligence entities. The Washington Post, which has served as an outlet for black propaganda like the PropOrNot “fake news” list, is owned by the billionaire Jeff Bezos, who’s involved in a $600 million Amazon deal with the CIA. On numerous occasions, the New York Times has been shown to directly collude with the CIA in order to advance the U.S. government’s narratives. And the publicly known relationship between the CIA and the other branches of the American mainstream media is extensive.

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