Are young people now too smart for Allen Dulles?

As a professor teaching propaganda study through the years, I’ve found younger people to be ever readier to disbelieve the official propaganda story of JFK/Dallas, and many other Big Lies of that kind. This is, I think, due largely to their digital fluency—they can find the other sides of the story pretty easily (although Google is now making it harder)—and also to the fact that they just don’t hold aged outlets like the New York Times in awe, as older (liberal) people tend to do. 

But this email from Lawrence Schnapf, to a group of eminent JFK researchers, offers the quite different view that younger people, lately, are more credulous, so that more people are now buying the propaganda fiction that Lee Harvey Oswald killed JFK all by himself, and that the CIA would never whack a president (of the United States). If this is true, it could be due in part to the astonishing success of Operation Trump, which now has everybody worshipping the CIA (and FBI), because of their (apparent) war with the pro-wrestling villain in the White House.

So which is it? Are younger people more or less receptive to the jive? Is my experience due mainly to my being at NYU, which has a global student population? Please feel free to share your thoughts about this urgent question.


From Lawrence Schnapf:

CSPAN3 broadcast a “Lectures in History” episode last night titled :”National Intelligence under President Kennedy”. The professor, Nicholas Dujmovic, engaged in a passionate rant at the end of his lecture against those believing there was an CIA-sponsored  conspiracy to assassinate JFK. He went so far as to say that the CIA considered itself an arm of the president and its employees were loyal Americans who would never dream of killing a president (this was said, of course, after he reviewed the CIA-sponsored assassination efforts in the 50s and 60s)     I was not entirely surprised since the professor is a former CIA historian. However, the truly discouraging aspect was how the students seemed to agree with their professor. He even urged his students to read the writing of Max Holland who he described as an independent writer! See

This is yet another example of what we saw in the CAPA 2017 mock trial. We have recorded the jury deliberations and it was the younger jurors who were harder to persuade there was a conspiracy. This is why the percentage of Americans who believe there was a conspiracy is dropping and now hovers below 60%. The students are taught in grade school, high school and college that LHO killed the president and a “vast” government conspiracy could not be pulled off.

This reinforces the importance of [our work]. We need to create a national course correction. Otherwise, they will eventually win when we depart this planet and the passion for the truth disappears with us.

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