What it feels like to be Russian in this paradise of “tolerance” and “diversity”

Two from my friend Tessa Lena:

Dear people,

First, if you missed my Univision interview from earlier this month, you can listen to it below. It felt really really good to talk to Ambra Gutierrez, a woman who stood up to Weinstein, was blacklisted from working, and then made a comeback. When controversial things come up, you never know what to expect – but the conversation turned out to be beautiful because Ambra is a very deep, kind human being.

[the podcast episode is called “Being on the Receiving End of Tremendous Cruelty”]

And now, the heavy heavy story. The past couple of years have been a little strange, partially because my Russian compatriots have landed the role of the villain of the day. Being an accidental face of the official villain of the day feels very strange. I have discovered that experiencing it in the fist person is very different from just reading or thinking about it, or even caring about it when it happens to others. Living it really sucks, actually. It’s that discrimination everyone was talking about…

It also reminded me of something dramatic that happened to me years ago.

Here is a story of how the feds tried to break my spirit based on my Russianness and some crazy circumstances.

Russians in Captivity

Feel free to share this story with anybody who believes that Russians are not human…


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