Advice on those three New York ballot proposals

From Marija Stroke:

Dear New York Voters,

We have 3 ballot proposals to vote on this election. I have been discussing these proposals with several very wise and informed people whose opinion I trust, and we all agree with Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer’s negative opinion on Proposals 2 and 3 which makes a lot of sense.

So this is what I think:
Ballot Proposal 1: Campaign finance: I see credible pros and cons. I will probably vote no but I see good reasons to vote either way.
Ballot Proposals 2 and 3: I am definitely voting “no” on both 2 and 3. Both these proposals weaken the community boards which are made up of unpaid volunteer members from the community who work to protect the community, for example on subway improvements, and to protect communities from big real estate developers building huge unwanted luxury buildings in the neighborhood. By creating term limits on these volunteer community board members, there will be less continuity and less benefit of the experience of working over many years on issues which face the community, thus a decrease in institutional memory. On the other hand, there will be no forced turnover of who has power among the real estate developers. Hence, developers would gain more power and community boards less power. 
One more thing, New Yorkers: Please remind everyone you know how important it is to vote in this election all the way down the ballot, not just for the federal government’s congressional positions but also for our wonderful progressives who are running for the NY state legislature who have defeated the IDC in the primary; we still need to vote in huge numbers to put them in office!
Okay, back to getting out the vote… Good luck with all your work on GOTV!

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