Why Lindsey Graham decided to “explode”

From Mitchel Cohen:

As I posted in a comment to Reader Supported News at https://readersupportednews.org/opinion2/277-75/52547-lindsey-graham-disregards-violence-toward-women-and-his-state-is-a-womens-murder-capital , there’s even more to it than the Republicans’ comments. Think: When did the odious Lindsey Graham “explode”? The Republican-hired prosecutor/questioner had just started to ask Kavanaugh about his calendar indicating his presence at that July 1 1982 “party” where he sexually assaulted Dr. Blasey Ford. Suddenly, she was disappeared, and we heard from that questioner no more (!), and the Republican Senators took over their softball questioning of Kavanaugh. This was a typical trick, to divert attention away from what she’d been asking Kavanaugh. And it worked. For a while. The Young Turks on Youtube have exposed this very well!

Young Turks at:

Mitchel Cohen
former Chair, WBAI radio Local Station Board

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