“When you spray glyphosate on a plant, it’s like giving it AIDS.”

Lest we forget (or didn’t know), Monsanto’s staunchest US presidential friend/enabler was Barack Obama.

An invaluable list of readings/listenings from Douglas Yates:


Iowa agronomist, Mike McNeill, interviewed by science reporter, Jeffrey Smith. Discussion of explicit details from studies showing direct effects to soil, plants, animals, and people from ingestion of the poison Roundup.

Basically, if the standard American diet [SAD] provides most of your food, chemical residue is poisoning your tissues and interfering with critical processes. Incredibly, Roundup has the exquisite ability to shut down a bacteria in the human gut that is a specific defense against bubonic plague. Additionally, Roundup-sprayed foods are severely deficient in critical nutrients. Recommendations from experts: eat organic only.


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