What Hitler wanted (and Netanyahu’s weird lie about it)


ERIC ZUESSE | 14.07.2018

First Annotated Web-Publication of the Complete Official Record of Hitler’s Meeting with, and Promises to, the Mufti of Jerusalem

Adolf Hitler’s private and confidential meeting with the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, on 28 November 1941, right at the start of his Holocaust to get rid of “the Jews,” was enormously significant historically, because he was here secretly informing the leader of Palestine, about what Hitler’s plan was for Jews after Hitler would eliminate them from Europe. This is one of the few key documents that make unequivocal Hitler’s determination to eliminate every Jew on the planet — not merely every Jew in Europe. (which he publicly threatened to do).

As will be documented here, online for the very first time, and with links to the only existing online sources in the English language: Hitler privately expressed his explicit intention to cleanse (exterminate) Jews from Palestine, and to make the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem the “liberator” of all Arabs, not only the Palestinian leader. Hitler said that, as soon as Hitler would finish wiping out all Jews in Europe, he would publicly authorize, arm, and assist, the Mufti, to oversee exterminating them in Palestine and throughout all Arab regions; and this is what the Mufti wanted, so that the Mufti would then become the “liberator” of all Arabs (by killing all Jews in Arabia), and the Mufti would therefore be ruling, under Emperor Hitler, a vast Arab kingdom. The only initial disagreement between Hitler and the Mufti, was that the Mufti wanted Hitler to announce this intention immediately to the world, but Hitler told him that publicly announcing it at this time would be premature — the public announcement of his intention would occur only (and as soon as) all Jews had already been cleansed from Europe. At the meeting’s very end, the Mufti said that he was thoroughly persuaded by Hitler’s reasoning; the Mufti no longer wanted Hitler to announce it immediately. By the meeting’s end, they agreed on the timing of the public announcement. They parted in 100% agreement about what should be done, and in what order.

In short: This document is one (there are others) that exposes the utter fraudulence of the ‘historians’ who allege either that Hitler was a ‘weak dictator’, or that he didn’t hold the intention of exterminating each and every Jew, everywhere, and that he didn’t hold this exterminationist intention firmly, with conviction, and (in the case of this document) well before the Holocaust was at an advanced stage in Europe, or anywhere.

In this particular document, Hitler also makes clear (as he did also on other occasions; so, this is hardly the only proof of it) that he would not consider “The Thousand-Year Reich” really to have so much as even just started, until the extermination of all Jews had been completed everywhere. In other words: for Hitler, “victory” in World War II would consist of (and could be achieved only by means of) his successfully eliminating all Jews. (In my 2000 book WHY the Holocaust Happened, I presented a case that he had first come to this intention during September 1919 but knew that if he allowed the public to know that this was why he was entering politics, then he’d never be able to achieve the leadership of Germany and thus would never attain his goal, but that this indeed was the reason for his entering politics, at that time, as he did.)

[The paragraphs on Netanyahu's lie—i.e., ascribing the exterminationist intention not to Hitler but to the Grand Mufti—are toward the middle of this article.]

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