Today’s NYTimes inoculates its readers with a shot of pro-vaccine vaccine

In today's NYTimes front-pager (, this uproar is noted briefly in just one one short paragraph, buried hallway down the jump page of a long survey about Xi's standing with the Chinese people.

More fake news from the Gray Lady, who doesn't want us lemmings wondering about the safety of the vaccines we're required to have our kids injected with, by law.


Rare two-day protest over China vaccine scandal reveals public anger

By Ben Westcott and Yong Xiong, CNN

(CNN) A group of angry Chinese parents and activists have gathered twice in two days outside government buildings in Beijing to protest a recent scandal over defective vaccines, a rare display of public dissatisfaction in the tightly-policed Chinese capital.

The government announced in mid-July they would take disciplinary action over more than 600,000 diphtheria and tetanus (DPT) vaccines, an unknown number of which may have been administrated to children, sparking massive public anger.
Holding signs saying “Vaccine?” and calling for legislation to ensure tighter drug safety standards, more than two dozen protestors gathered outside the offices of the National Health Commission on Monday and the National State Drug Administration on Tuesday.
“Please fulfill the leaders’ instructions. Please give vaccine victims a fair chance,” their signs read.


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