This slaughter continues—and yet “our free press” continues to ignore it

Here's what's really happening in Gaza, with strong US support, while "our free press" fixates on Khashoggi (and not the massacre in Yemen), and on the plights of the Rohingya, and the Uighurs, and (some) Nicaraguans, Syrians and Venezuelans, etc.

Please give what you can to help the Gazans in their agony; and if you can't afford to donate anything yourself, please send this email far and wide.

From Amal Arafa:
From last Friday until yesterday, Israeli occupation forces killed 11 people, and injured roughly
1,000 young people. 
The suffering has been worsened by Israel’s closing of the major crossings in and out of
Gaza. Because of it, there is a severe shortage of foodstuffs, medicine and first aid supplies;
and there’s no oil to keep the electricity going, or cleaning materials to sanitize our hospitals,
which have been forced to halt the regular dialysis treatments of 150 patients, who now face
death because of it.
On top of this, Israel has threatened to start a new war on Gaza, which has added to the
terror and anxiety that we’re all feeling here, day after day,
PLEASE help us treat the many wounded here as best we can, by donating whatever
sum you can afford. (Even $5 goes a long way over here.)
Here is the link for your donation:
Thank you.

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