The latest on a slaughter that the Western press ignores

Last Monday, Amal Arafa, my friend in Gaza, gave birth to a baby boy: Nazeer, her third child.

By week's end, she was back at work with her medical team, dealing with the daily carnage that the Western press continues to ignore.

Here is Amal's latest report, including her photos. Please donate what you can to help pay for the medical supplies that her team desperately needs.

From Amal Arafa:
Yesterday, seven people, including two children, were killed by the 
Israeli occupation forces:
Nasser Azim Musabeh, 12
Mohammed Nayef Ai, 14

Mohammed Ali Mohasmmed Anshasi, 18

Iyar Khalil Al-Sha’er, 18
Mohasmmed Bassam Mohammed, 24
Mohammed Walid Haniyeh, 23
Mohammed Ashraf Awawdeh, 23
Our team is struggling to take care of all the wounded here, despite the siege imposed by Israel. There are people here who can obtain the things we need so urgently—first aid supplies, including salt and iodine, and medicine, as well as food.
This is why we badly need your help, to pay for those essential things. So
please use this link, to donate whatever you can afford: 

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