Sexual abuses rampant in Yemen’s UAE-run prisons (as NOT reported by the New York Times)

Sexual abuses rampant in UAE-controlled prisons in Yemen

CAIRO (AP) — The torturers followed a schedule.

Beatings on Saturdays, torture on Sundays, and Monday was a break. The next three days were the same routine. On Fridays, it was time for solitary confinement.

From inside a Yemeni prison controlled by the United Arab Emirates — a top U.S. ally — a Yemeni detainee held without charges chronicled torture and sexual abuses through drawings. Smuggled to The Associated Press from the Beir Ahmed prison in the southern city of Aden, the drawings offer a grim glimpse into a hidden world of flagrant human rights abuses by UAE officers acting with impunity.


US risks fallout from UAE’s prisoner abuse scandal in Yemen

July 20, 2018 · 1:00 PM EDT

A new report confirming prisoner abuses in southern Yemen is amping up concern in Washington, DC. The report by Amnesty International, which details possible war crimes by a US ally in the region, is fueling debate over the US role in the Yemen war.

“We wanted to see what has happened one year after a network of secret prisons had been revealed in southern Yemen,” says Rawya Rageh of Amnesty International. The human rights group’s four month investigation examined alleged abuses in the prisons, which have been operated by UAE forces and the local Yemeni forces they support.

The report showed that a number of the facilities continue to operate outside of official Yemeni government oversight.

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