MCM et al. will be discussing 9/11 at the Feldman Gallery in NYC, 10/13/18

“9/11: The Collapse of Conscience”

Exploring the Art of Mass Deception

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Saturday, October 13 • Special panel discussion 5 – 7pm  

Feldman Gallery at 31 Mercer Street in New York City in the SOHO

A unique public event will transpire on Saturday Oct 13 at 5pm at the prestigious Feldman Gallery in the SoHo in New York City. The show opened on September 11 of this year when the gallery mounted a multimedia exhibit related to 9/11 by renowned conceptual artist Fredric Riskin. The exhibit, “9/11: The Collapse of Conscience,” makes a powerful appeal to the centrality of conscience, or lack thereof, in response to 9/11 and its aftermath, but it also provides deep insight into the issue of mass deception. A second show opening of sorts, along with a panel discussion, will occur on October 13 at 5pm. Several distinguished panelists will comment on the artist’s work and message, including noted author and playwright, Richard Squires, and the distinguished AE911Truth-affiliated architect, Bill Brinnier. The show closes on October 17.

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“9/11: The Collapse of Conscience” is an immersive multimedia installation. Riskin explores the 9/11 trauma and examines our individual, collective, and governmental response to the catastrophe. Both somber and dramatic, the installation presents powerful iconic imagery, including for example the collapse of Building 7, in a variety of media—print, canvas, video and sound. Riskin’s modus operandi is a unique compendium of in-depth analysis and high-tech expertise.




How do we bring insight, wisdom, and genuine compassion to 9/11?   How do we return with fresh eyes to the events of that day?


Fredric Riskin’s “9/11: The Collapse of Conscience”, on view at Ronald Feldman Gallery, reflects on the mystery, unseen political nuances, and dark pain of the 9/11 attack. At its core lies an important insight into mass deception.


On October 13th a panel discussion will be held at Ronald Feldman Gallery. Distinguished panelist Bill Brinnier and Richard Squires will comment on the artist’s work and message.


The exhibition premiered on September 11th, 2018 and runs through October 17th, 2018

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