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Your tax dollars at work (in Syria, Yemen and Sacramento)


ISIS given ‘breathing space’ in parts of Syria under US-backed forces’ control

Published time: 18 Aug, 2018 02:29 Edited time: 21 Aug, 2018 11:20
ISIS given ‘breathing space’ in parts of Syria under US-backed forces' control
FILE PHOTO. © Aboud Hamam / Reuters
Islamic State managed to regain access to Syrian oil fields and make profits from selling oil, a new UN report reveals. While the UN did not point fingers, the IS reemergence seems to occur in areas held by the US-backed forces.

“Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant [IS, formerly ISIL/ISIS], having been defeated militarily in Iraq and most of the Syrian Arab Republic during 2017, rallied in early 2018. This was the result of a loss of momentum by forces fighting it in the east of the Syrian Arab Republic,” the recent report from the UN Security Council’s Sanctions Monitoring Team reads. The document is dated July 27, but was only released to the public this week.

The slow-down gave IS “breathing space to prepare for the next phase of its evolution into a global covert network.” As of June 2018, the terrorist group has been controlling “small pockets of territory in the Syrian Arab Republic on the Iraqi border,” effectively carrying on with its quasi-state ways.

Al-Qaida in Yemen denies AP report on secret deals with UAE


CAIRO — Aug 17, 2018, 3:12 PM ET

Yemen’s al-Qaida branch denied on Friday an Associated Press report saying it struck secret deals over territories it controls with the Saudi-led coalition fighting Shiite rebels in the country.

Al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula — considered the terror group’s most dangerous branch after failed attacks on U.S. soil — said in a statement posted on its Telegram channel that the report “lacks evidence, reality, or credibility.”

It added that both Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have cooperated with the U.S. using “the dirtiest means,” which the group said it would uncover soon.

By DON THOMPSON and JULIE WATSON  | Associated Press

SACRAMENTO, Calif. –  An Iraqi man accused of killing for the Islamic State entered the U.S. as a refugee after claiming to be a victim of terrorism, in a case drawing attention amid the Trump administration’s criticism of the resettlement program’s vetting process.

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