Israel evacuates White Helmets

Just as a reminder (since I've sent them out before), here are links to several pieces laying out some awful truths about the White Helmets—who certainly are not what "our free press" and Hollywood have cracked them up to be, but a jihadist propaganda mill, funded by the US and UK (at whose request the IDF has rescued them).

Vanessa Beeley, “John Pilger Exposes White Helmets as ‘Propaganda Construct in Syria,’” 21st Century Wire, May 26, 2017;

Eva Bartlett, “How the Mainstream Media Whitewashed Al-Qaeda and the White Helmets in Syria,” Global Research, Jan. 6, 2018;

Carla Ortiz, “The Truth about Syria,” interview on “The Jimmy Dore Show,” April 22, 2018;


Syria conflict: White Helmets evacuated by Israel

July 22, 2018 

Israel says it has carried out an evacuation of members of Syria’s White Helmets civil defence group from a war zone in south-western Syria.

Some 422 volunteers and family members were taken to Jordan via the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights overnight.

The UK, one of the nations requesting Israel’s help, hailed the operation and will assist with resettlement.

The White Helmets describe themselves as a volunteer workforce that acts to save people in Syria’s war zones.

Supporters of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, and his Russian allies, say the White Helmets support the rebels and also have links to jihadist groups.

How did the operation come about?

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) said they were acting on a request from the US, the UK and other European nations.

The White Helmets had become trapped in an area of south-western Syria near the border with the Golan Heights after an offensive by the Syrian military.

A woman and her child wait to get off the bus

Pictures supplied by the Israel Defence Forces show families waiting to get off the bus after being safely evacuated

The offensive, begun in June, has seen a number of agreements that have led to the evacuation of rebel forces from the Deraa and Quneitra areas to regions further north.

The latest deal for Quneitra was reached on Thursday.

The White Helmets operate only in rebel-held areas, although they say they are non-partisan.

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