“Glyphosate Girl” reports on the Monsanto trial in California

From Bob Klein :


Folks- 5,000 people are suing Monsanto for damages from Round-Up pesticide causing their Non Hodgkins Lymphoma. (It does a lot more than that as well) The first trial and the one that will determine the outcome most of the others is happening in CA as we type, and is about to go to jury.  Glyphosate Girl has been blogging on the action- 
peace, B

Surprise! Neil Young and Daryl Hannah are in the house today. Young and Hannah are activists in the fight against Monsanto, and Young released the album The Monsanto Years in 2015.

As we all settle into the courtroom, the bailiff asks Young to remove his hat. I don’t think it is proper to ask “The Man in the Black Hat” to remove his hat. But Young takes it off, proving that no one but Monsanto is above the law in this room. The jury notices this couple, who are strikingly cooler than any of us. Hannah’s hair is a long, bright platinum set into loose braids. Perhaps yesterday’s Defendant witness Mr. Foster would like some tips for his mane.

I’m thrilled that they are here to help fight this fight and bring greater attention to Monsanto’s inexcusable behavior and toxic products. I wonder if the jurors who recognize these celebs, who are sitting on the Plaintiff side, are influenced in their decision. It’s easy to reject the opinions of lawyers and people with names like Glyphosate Girl, but Neil Young? I note even super serious Monsanto attorney Kirby Griffis smiling like a spellbound fan over at the Defendant table. I’m actually really happy to see him smile as it gives me a small bit of hope for the future of humanity.

On to the trial.


Monsanto and expert witness Dr. Timothy Kuzel plan to argue that Johnson had lymph nodes as early as Fall of 2013 in an attempt to make it appear that Johnson’s Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma started well before his large RangerPro exposure. There is a medical record following Johnson’s car crash in September 2013. In that record, a doctor determined what injuries Johnson sustained in the car crash, and happened to note a swollen lymph node. As we all know, one can have swollen lymph nodes from a number of mundane conditions, including a sore throat.

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