California’s burning. (Is it news in New York City?)

The top story in today's NYTimes—"The Year Global Warming Made Its Menace a Reality"—deals only passingly with the catastrophe on California, which, per se, is not reported in the paper anywhere. (To those astounding fires the Times devotes a single sentence in the second paragraph, with no mention of the global force force combating them.) Instead of sending anyone to cover that catastrophe, the Times had Somini Sengupta work the phone at home, or at her office in New York, to ask a lot of scientists for urgent bites on global warming overall. (In a real newspaper, such a story might serve as a secondary piece providing context for the news from California.)

And as the Times is not equipped to give us "all the news" about the holocaust in California (and can't blame Putin for it), neither has it bothered to report the Chinese-style deployment of prison labor to combat the fires, with 2,000 California convicts risking life and limb, involuntarily, on those front lines—a fact reported by The Independent, among other international outlets, and here and there in the US, but not by our "newspaper of record." (The Independent article is at

Thu, 08/09/2018 – 21:40

“Everything is on a 100 times scale,” exclaimed Craig Cottrill, chief of the Wellington Fire Department in New Zealand, who along with 52 other firefighters from down under, are battling the biggest wildfires California has ever seen. “This thing’s massive.” 

In fact there are now over 14,000 on the frontline with crews, including almost 2,000 inmates, 200 soldiers, and dozens of firefighters from overseas.

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