Apologies for disbelieving the Jen Moore story

George Webb knew her, had her on his show, reported her investigation at the time, and is still following up on her mysterious death:


And this corporate shriek of fake news gives the game away, by protesting WAY too much for anyone with half a brain to buy it, what with its SEVEN uses of “conspiracy theory” or “conspiracy theorist” (with one “hoax” tossed in there for variety), and the gratuitous shout of “PIZZAGATE,”
to which Moore’s case bore absolutely no relation, all under the laughable assurance that “police say there’s nothing suspicious about the death of Jen Moore”—”the new Seth Rich,” whose late-night murder at the hands of “muggers” who neglected to relieve him of his wallet also was not suspicious in the least, according to the Deadly Beast:

Pizzagate Pusher’s [sic] Death Drives Conspiracy Theorists to Tout Her as New Seth Rich

Police say there’s nothing suspicious about the death of Jen Moore. But pro-Trump internet hucksters are trying to capitalize on it anyway.

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