According to the New York Times, SCOTUS first “became divided along party lines” in 2010—nine years AFTER Bush v. Gore.

Brett Kavanaugh is not the only one with memory lapses.

“Ideology has long figured in the Supreme Court’s work, but a sharp partisan split on the court is a recent phenomenon. Starting in 2010, the court became divided along party lines, with all five Republican appointees to the right of all four Democratic ones.”

A Bitter Nominee, Questions of Neutrality, and a Damaged Supreme Court

Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh’s testimony raised questions about his neutrality and temperament, threatening the already fragile reputation of the Supreme Court as an institution devoted to law rather than politics.

Credit Erin Schaff for The New York Times

Sept. 28, 2018

WASHINGTON — In the first round of his Supreme Court confirmation hearings early this month, Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh kept his cool under hostile questioning, stressed his independence, and exhibited the calm judicial demeanor that characterized his dozen years on a prestigious appeals court bench.

“The Supreme Court,” he said, “must never be viewed as a partisan institution.”

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