The NYTimes has no problem with “discarding” males (as Herod did)

Having turned a blind eye to the Holocaust and Stalin's crimes, the New York Times now casually endorses the idea of eliminating half the human race (or at least those in "advanced societies").

(On those two vast moral failures, see Laurel Leff's Buried by the Times and S.J. Taylor's Stalin's Apologist: Walter Duranty, the New York Times' Man in Moscow.)


To the Editor:

After absorbing all the New York Times articles enumerating the never-ending microaggressions (and worse) that Senate Republicans and others have heaped onto Christine Blasey Ford in particular, and onto our entire female populace in general, how oddly encouraging it was to read an article titled “Gnawing on the Patriarchy: Life Without Males?” (Science Times, Oct. 2).

The article tells of research showing that “males can be discarded from advanced societies in which they once played an active role.” In the current climate I’m certain it came across as a clarion call to many who had been riveted by the Kavanaugh hearing.

Well played, New York Times.

Susan Biegler
North Bellmore, N.Y.

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