If the “deep state” is at war with Donald Trump, they have a funny way of showing it.

WAYNE MADSEN | 05.07.2018

Trump’s Regime Change: Soros-style

To listen to Donald Trump and his supporters, billionaire international hedge fund mogul George Soros was an inherent part of America’s “deep state” machinery, who financed and directed “regime change” operations around the world. Under Trump, the State Department reportedly severed links to Soros and his organizations, but something strange ensued. The Trump administration is still engaged in regime change operations around the world and, furthermore, it is using some of Soros’s favorite entities, such as the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) to install pro-American governments in Nicaragua, Venezuela, and other countries.

Simply put, America’s “deep state” has not gone anywhere. It is thriving under a U.S. president who revels in opaqueness and unaccountability.

NED has pulled out all the stops to overthrow the socialist governments of Venezuela and Nicaragua. These efforts recently received a boost after Colombia elected right-wing narcoterrorist-affiliated Ivan Duque as president. Duque recently met with Florida Republican Senator Marco Rubio, who has become the new de facto leader of the Republican Party’s branch of NED, the International Republican Institute (IRI), following Senator John McCain being sidelined with brain cancer.

Rubio has called on Trump to subject new sanctions on the Nicaraguan Government, in addition to U.S. visa bans already imposed by Washington on Nicaraguan government officials, including members of their families. Rubio is tied closely to members of the Nicaraguan opposition, including several wealthy Nicaraguan businessmen who maintain expensive homes in south Florida and who contribute handsomely to Rubio’s political campaign coffers.

The other Republican Senator who has taken up the anti-Sandinista cause is Texas’s Ted Cruz. In June 2018, Cruz and Rubio hosted a group of Nicaraguan right-wing “civil society” activists in Washington, DC. “Civil society” is a notorious code phrase employed by Soros political meddlers around the world. The Nicaraguans’ trip to Washington had been financed by the bank accounts of NED, flush with anti-Nicaragua cash provided by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), a notorious cipher for the Central Intelligence Agency.

One of the largest recipients of anti-Sandinista USAID assistance in Nicaragua is the Institute for Strategic Studies and Public Policy (IEEPP). Its Managua operations and structure resemble the typical CIA front employed in Latin America’s dark past by Langley to disrupt political systems and economies.

Calling out the Trump administration’s embrace of neo-conservative-style regime change in Nicaragua, the European Committee of Solidarity with the Popular Sandinista Revolution stated, that the Trump administration’s actions are “a new attempt from the right-wing and U.S. imperialism against a sovereign and independent free nation and against it’s democratically elected president, Daniel Ortega.” The European groups singled out “neo-liberal” forces, which include Soros’s regime change entities, in working hand-in-glove with the Trump administration in “attacking frontally” the Ortega Executive and the Sandinista National Liberation Front.

Trump and his alt-right surrogates rail against the influence of Soros on the international stage. Yet, Trump, a con-man and simpleton without peers among the crop of current world leaders, simply projects on to others for what he, himself, is guilty. Complementing Trump’s actions to topple the Daniel Ortega government in Nicaragua, is the Soros-funded Global Witness. The London- and Washington-based group has initiated a civil strife campaign among the Miskito indigenous people of the Northern Caribbean Autonomous Region. NED and Global Witness provocateurs are trying to convince the Miskitos, targets of similar manipulation by the CIA during the Contra-led civil war of the 1980s, that the Ortega government opposes indigenous rights, when the exact opposite is true.

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