Channel One is FINALLY over!

Channel One’s official farewell:
What Channel One was all about, and why it’s great that they’re kaput:
From Jim Metrock, a fellow activist against that outlet, and all other steps to corporatize/commercialize our schools:
Mark, you were a big part of this victory. 
When you supplied your testimony to the Senate subcommittee hearing on Channel One in 1999, the company had over 8 million students under contract. Ever since that year, they have been continually losing schools. They recently said they have “nearly 5 million” student views, but the actual figure was probably around 2 or 3 million.
Millions of school kids now will have up to an extra hour a week of school time.  
Back in 1997, when I first started writing about the company, a Channel One executive, who was leaving the company and therefore could speak plainly, told me that the company’s business model worked best when they “stayed in the shadows.”  Channel One didn’t want any publicity; even good publicity was undesirable. He told me that if a school wanted to end their contract, Channel One would quickly and quietly get the equipment and leave town. If they fought to stay in the school it would only result in “Channel One” being in the news and then people would start asking, “What is Channel One?” and then they risked being thrown out of a lot more schools.
You brought a lot of attention to them and you know what they say about sunshine.
I hope all is well with you.
Your Southern friend,
Jim Metrock
​Jim Metrock​
Obligation, Inc.
P. O. Box 26270
Birmingham, AL 35260
Promoting What Helps Children, Changing What Harms Them

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