Tomorrow will be “very, very difficult” in Gaza

Tomorrow, June 5th, is Naksa Day—"day of the setback"—commemorating Israel's seizure of control over the West Bank and Gaza at the end of the Six-Day War in 1967. This day will see a massive protest—and, all too likely, still more staggering brutality by Israeli forces. 

Here is a message from Amal Arafa, asking for your continued help, as she and her associates care for the wounded.

From Amal Arafa:

I know that it has gone beyond asking for donations. But you do not know what we are going through now.

I remember the 14th of May when more than 70 people were killed in cold blood by the Israeli occupation and more than 3000 people were wounded.

Because they demanded only their human rights and the lifting of the siege on Gaza, which has lasted for so many years. So many were killed and wounded just because they demanded the most basic rights enjoyed by people all over the world.

Tomorrow, June 5, marks the day in 1967 when Zionist forces drove
 Palestinians from their homes and land with all violence and without mercy. The anniversary of that setback will bring more than one million people to the Gaza border to demand their rights.

It will be a very, very difficult day.
We need support to keep people alive and rescue the wounded.

We know that we bothered you with these requests but maybe just a little of your money will save a

fellow human being and the spirit will not be difficult. You have to donate in order to save this spirit. 

Please do not ignore us. We do not want more murder. We just want freedom and peace. We want to save people through good first aid.

We have saved many people with your help
We are very much at risk from our volunteer work, which we are only helping with the injured. This is

a great job for us. We lost our friend Razan Najjar, a volunteer nurse like us, who was killed by a bullet that entered her chest and exited her back.Please support us via the following link:

Or via this Paypal account: eb.e…


Thank you.

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