Taking school spirit to a whole new level

Down to a whole new level....


EAST LANSING – William Strampel, the former dean of Michigan State University’s College of Osteopathic Medicine, had Spartan-themed pornography on his work computer, according to testimony at his preliminary examination Tuesday.

A forensic expert with the Attorney General’s Office also found an hour-long video on one of Strampel’s computers showing his MSU office. Bill Rollstin, lead attorney for the Attorney General’s Office, alleged Strampel set the camera up to capture “attractive young woman” walking by his office.

Judge Richard Ball, of East Lansing 54B-District Court, ultimately wouldn’t allow that footage to be entered into evidence, however. Strampel’s attorney, John Dakmak, argued that there was no way to know why Strampel set the camera up. The evidence was being offered in connection with Strampel’s felony count of misconduct in office.

Strampel, the former boss of ex-MSU doctor Larry Nassar, is also charged with one count of fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct and two counts of willful neglect of duty.

Dakmak on Tuesday also objected to the dozen of sexually explicit pictures being entered into evidence, arguing that they weren’t relevant. Ball allowed the pictures, however, all of which were shown on a large screen in the courtroom just a few feet from where Strampel sat stone-faced at a defense table.

The images, many of which were found on Strampel’s work-issued MSU computer, showed naked women and sex toys. The young women in some of the pictures were shown wearing Spartan gear. In one, a small Spartan logo was the only thing covering a woman’s nipple, leaving the rest of her breast exposed.

Brian Laity, a forensic expert with the Attorney General’s Office, testified Tuesday morning about how the images were scraped from Strampel’s work computer, taken after a search warrant was executed on Strampel’s MSU office Feb 2, and his home computer, which authorities took into possession on March 26.

The preliminary examination is being conducted so the judge can determine if there is probable cause that crimes were committed and Strampel committed them. The case would be bound over to circuit court for trial if that’s the case.

Strampel is also accused of sexual misconduct with students.

Michigan State University student Leah Jackson testified she met with Strampel in June 2017 to  request a waiver on a test. Jackson said Strampel immediately denied the request, then turned the conversation to sex and nude pictures during an hour-long meeting.

Jackson testified that Strampel started talking about what a young woman could do for older men in exchange for money and favors.

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