MCM on “The Silence of the Left”

This is the online talk I gave on June 8, kicking off "Deep Truth: Visionaries Speak Out," the three-day cyber-symposium organized to protest the Left Forum's ban on several panels at its latest annual conference in New York. 

More specifically, my talk was the first one on that evening's panel, "Mockingbird 2.0: Propaganda, Fake News and Censorship." The other speakers (as you'll see here) were Ray McGovern on Russia-gate; Gerry Docherty on his experience as co-author of two crucial, blacked-out books on World War I; Alison Weir on Zionist censorship in the US; and Suzie Dawson on the multifarious—and maybe lethal—censorship of Julian Assange. The event was moderated by Tom Kiely.

As Gerry's and Alison's talks were pre-recorded, the evening ended with some questions posed by members of a live audience in Berkeley, and a free-wheeling back-and-forth between Ray, Suzie, Tom and me. 


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