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Hi, as you might imagine, we love creating the Project Censored Show every week. Founded in 2010 by Mickey Huff and Peter Phillips, the program now airs on over 40 stations from Maui to New York and over the past two years, we’ve built an expanded team of great co-hosts and producers. We enjoy doing the program so much that most of our radio team is unpaid. That said, it does cost for production, and server and administrative costs have started to add up, so, if we want to keep the show going, especially at a quality level you’ve come to expect, we need a modest influx of support at our Patreon page.

Right now, our Patreon page has $135 a month supported by 35 generous listeners. In all honesty we need to more than double that amount to $350 to keep the lights on and break even. By supporting the show on Patreon you can qualify for some great perks as well! If we just get around 20 or so people to give $10 each we would be set and we could go back to doing the show without having to worry about rising costs for some time.

Thank you from all of us at the Project Censored Show!

If you like the Project Censored Show Please consider supporting it here! We need your Help!

From all of us at Project Censored

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