Israeli forces kill a female paramedic with a bullet to the heart

"They killed the best volunteer nurse in Gaza," Amal Arafa tells me. "The most beautiful person."


Razan al-Najjar, a 21-year-old female paramedic, was shot dead while 100 Palestinians were injured during a protest in Gaza

Paramedic was killed during continued Great March of Return protests (MEE)
Friday 1 June 2018 16:37 UTC
Last update: Friday 1 June 2018 20:32 UTC

A Palestinian female paramedic was shot dead on Friday by Israeli forces inside the Gaza Strip.

Razan al-Najjar, 21, worked as a paramedic and has been photographed on numerous occasions helping Palestinians injured by Israeli fire during protests.

Najjar’s killing took place east of Khan Younis during Friday protests as Palestinians continued their Great March of Return demonstrations.

The initiative sheds light on the right of return for Palestinian refugees displaced in 1948 from their towns and villages in what is now Israel.

Gaza health ministry officials confirmed that at least 100 Palestinians were injured during Friday’s protests, including 40 people with live ammunition.

Flare up of violence

The latest death comes as tensions escalated between Israeli forces and Palestinian groups inside the Gaza Strip after the worst flare-up of violence since the 2014 Gaza war.

Islamic Jihad and Hamas released a joint statement on Wednesday saying they had agreed to a ceasefire if Israel halted its bombardment of the Gaza Strip.

Razan al-Najjar regularly worked to help Palestinians injured during the Great March of Return protests (MEE/Supplied) 

Israel denied it had agreed to a ceasefire but said it did not intend to escalate its military campaign in Gaza.

This latest episode also followed weeks of deadly demonstrations which began on 30 March.

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