Winston Churchill’s tongue was not THAT powerful…

Winston Churchill was "the irritable prime minister whose oratory stopped the Wehrmacht."

Thus spake the AARP Magazine (Feb./March, 2018), in a bit on Gary Oldman's "finest hour" 
playing Churchill in the (typically) adulatory Darkest Hour.

That yip of imbecility says everything about the chauvinistic ignorance in which our students
graduate, and go through life.

This new documentary (yes, yes, it's Russian) is a valuable corrective to the flood of self-
congratulating tripe proclaiming that the US (and its allies) "stopped the Wehrmacht" by
themselves. (Another antidote is Chapter 1 of The Untold History of the United States, 
Oliver Stone's documentary series that premiered in 2012.)


New RT documentary: ‘The Red Army is being erased from history’

MAY 08, 2018
"The story of how the Red Army saved Europe from the Nazis is being wiped from Western history books," RT’s new documentary claims


“The story of how the Red Army saved Europe from the Nazis is being wiped from Western history books,” RT’s new documentary claims

‘Remembrance’ is devoted to making sure the world knows just how big a sacrifice the Soviet Union made during WWII, and accuses Europe of overlooking the USSR’s efforts in helping to defeat Nazi Germany.

“The story of how the Red Army saved Europe from the Nazis is being wiped from Western history books, with Russian soldiers increasingly being portrayed as oppressors and occupiers rather than saviours,” RT’s new documentary – Remembrance – claims. To back up this claim the state-funded TV channel highlights Poland, where the lower house of parliament approved a bill to demolish Soviet-era statues, including monuments to Red Army soldiers. The law was proposed by Poland’s Institute of National Remembrance, with one of its professors stating: “I can say with confidence that here the Red Army is seen as invaders that occupied our lands.” In the same vein, Polish guides in Auschwitz concentration camp do not mention that Russians soldiers helped liberate it, while also claiming WWII was started not only by Adolf Hitler, but also Joseph Stalin.

Not everybody in Poland is happy with the new legislation though. “The Polish people gained independence and freedom from German fascism with the help of the Soviet Army. We, the post-war generation, say we wouldn’t have been born…if Hitler had defeated Stalin,” Tadeusz Kowalczyk, a reserve colonel in the Polish army says in the documentary.

“People forget, or don’t want to remember, what Hitler had in mind for the Slavs. They forget about Generalplan Ost, according to which only three million Poles would be left alive, enslaved by Germans, while Russians were to be exterminated along with the Jews,” echoes Jerzy Tyc, chairman of the KURSK memorial society in Poland.

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