These emails are getting tagged as spam….

This would appear to be one more example of the current US effort to control the news, and stifle dissident opinion, in order to protect the propaganda narrative on Syria.
If my emails to you have also been diverted in this way, please let me know.
From Katie Hickox:
Hi Mark,
I found a total of 3 different emails (2 listed below, another one flagged at April 15th that i thought was just a “one off” until I found the earlier ones) sent on different subjects that got flagged as spam and I just discovered in my spam folder:
Inline image
Also, an email sent from Greg Palast regarding a screening of his updated film on stealing elections at the Grand Lake Theatre, yahoo is restricting me from forwarding it to a friend (now several times) due to the “subject matter”.  I can try forwarding you that email if you’re interested or if you haven’t seen it.
Katie Hickox

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