Stephen Paddock didn’t break the window

How odd. 

This news recalls (for those whose memory is still functioning) the no-less-startling revelation that, when Stephen Paddock shot security guard Jesus Campos, on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay

Bay Resort and Casino, the all-seeing eye of the security camera system somehow didn't see it.
("In Las Vegas, the casino is always watching—and yet it missed Stephen Paddock," in the Los Angeles Times, 10/12/17,

What's also odd, come to think of it, is the total disappearance of the Vegas massacre from the consciousness of Our Free Press, which (lest we forget) kept calling it "the worst mass shooting in American history," so you'd think that story wouldn't be completely dead (just like the Skripal poisoning, come to think of that). 

I guess all such atrocities aren't "newsworthy" once they've duly traumatized us into wanting the police and FBI et al. to have more power, to keep us all "secure," like after 9/11.


LVMPD officer inside Paddock’s room: “We do not have a broken window”

It looks like the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department and FBI have some explaining to do after officers who breached the gunman’s room find no evidence of broken windows

By Shepard Ambellas – May 2, 2018, @10:39 pm EDT


LAS VEGAS (INTELLIHUB) — Officer-worn body camera footage from the night of the 1 October massacre reveals no broken windows or curtains blowing in the wind inside Stephen Paddock’s 32nd-floor Mandalay Bay hotel room suite, contradicting the official narrative.

“We do not have a broken window,” one of the officers named Cory clearly states after making entry into room 32-135.

“Standby, we’ve got curtains open on a window that’s not broken,” another voice can be heard saying in the video as officers frantically pull back the curtains.

“It’s not, it’s not, it’s not [broken] — Corey it’s not,” one officer makes clear.

Additionally, another officer makes a rather odd statement which alludes to the fact that the shooter had merely set something up by the window.

“There is another one [gun] over here by the window he was setting up with,” he stated, as if no shooting took place from the room which may have just been some type of command center to control the air assault via helicopters.

Officers also state that there were 1013 “high-powered weapons” found in the room.

Learn more about the air assault here.

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