NYU, the incorrigible university

The report is here: forcedlaboratnyuad.org

Compare this piece in the Chronicle of Higher Education with the quick-and-sloppy coverage by the New York Times, which may as well have asked NYU's flacks to draft its article:


(Ariel Kaminer, the former Times reporter who co-wrote the paper's 2014 exposé of Abu Dhabi's gross mistreatment of the migrant workers building NYU's lavish campus there, was one of 100+ journalists laid off the following year.)


NYU’s Abu Dhabi Campus May Still Be Exploiting Workers, Report Says

By Emma Kerr  MAY 10, 2018

Andrew Holbrooke, Getty Images 

A new report released on Thursday concludes that New York University continues to risk exploiting the hundreds of workers on its Abu Dhabi campus, and has failed to repay past workers.

Sahiba Gill, a student in the NYU School of Law, wrote the report, which largely compiles previously available information about the controversial campus and was reviewed by 12 NYU faculty members over the course of eight months. The report was released by the Coalition for Fair Labor, a campus group composed of students and faculty members.

An outside report in 2015 found that thousands of the migrant construction workers employed by the university to build the campus had worked under inadequate labor conditions. Though the 2015 report said the college’s commitment to labor standards was “in good faith” — and largely blamed an outside contractor and a developer hired for the project — Thursday’s report attempts to put the focus back on the university’s actions, apart from its intent.

It says that the workers, who were later promised reimbursement for recruiting fees that had indebted them, have still not been paid, and that current workers on the campus are still being subjected to “indicators of forced labor.” The indicators include reduced freedom to terminate employment, confiscation of passport, financial penalties, and, in some situations, the report says, physical violence and punishment.

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