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Giving them up, or even cutting back, will be even harder than it's been for smokers trying to quit, and for a lot more people—especially with the problem totally blacked out, not just by the press but by the US government. Owned by Big Wireless (thanks to Barack Obama), the FCC today will not investigate the cancer risks of cell phone use, the way our Surgeon General, in 1964, reported on the risks of smoking cigarettes.

So we must do whatever we can do to spread the word.


From Douglas Yates:

If you believe cell phones are safe, you’ve been fed a lie. A big comfortable lie. So comfortable some will become resentful at being made ‘uncomfortable’ by the assertion. Even holding them in your hands is a risk. Women and children fare much worse than men. 

Yeah, I know, they’re really nifty and convenient but so is good health. Your choice.

Read some of the data that proves the cell phone industry is lying through its teeth. Yes, not all brain cancers are caused by cell phones…but the dramatic rise in children and women’s brain tumor coincides w/ the rise in use of the infernal devices.
Here’s a post-surgery outcome of a cell-phone-induced brain tumor. Yes, she alive and happy to be. But do you think she’ll ever be as strong, active, and intelligent as she was before the diagnosis/surgery/drugs?

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